Thursday, June 30, 2011


A few days ago I met up again with Alan, my editor. He was fresh off a pretty harsh gig an I was fresh off my mourning period for my movie, and we talked about what now.

Overall, we both agreed to go forth as organically as possible, following the story chronologically and tying it all together with, gulp, VO narration. I realize that this whole process has been very similar to the making of A Return On Their Sacrifice, the first doc about Maximon I made my sophomore year of college. That, too, was elaborate and difficult to piece together until finally, after failed efforts 1-1,000 I finally gave in to voice over, which I had been avoiding, and that helped me finally give all of the information I needed to give and tied all of my footage together. I am hoping the same thing happens now.

In order to get the material I need for my narration, I am starting a second blog. A secret blog, muhuhuhahaha, that none of you avid readers can access. It's just a blog to write about the whole event from my point of view, without regard to formalities or anything. My editor Alan and I will be the only ones privy to what is there and we can use it to get to the core of the story as seen by me.

I think it is only because I have so accepted this need for revising that it did not bother me that I got two more grant or program rejections. Sundance Doc Fund was even kind enough to send a letter and not just an email, signed with a pen and everything. It's ok- they probably saw the problems with the earlier direction we were taking and those are the problems we are working on now.


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