Friday, April 30, 2010

HOTDOCS2010: Opening Gala

I have not written, it has been crazy. However, I am right now at the Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Right now I am in the Sales Lounge where there are computers and wifi and tables. Unlike the lonely lounge at the ShowBiz Expo, this one is quite full. And, I am told by the festival volunteer behind the main desk, this one is also quite frequented by commissioning editors; ie. folks looking for docs to aquire.


Last night was the opening of the festival. The opening film was Babies, an utterly amazing film made with zero dialogue, no narration and no text except to point out the locations. It is a sidesplitting exploration of how babies (ie people) are the same everywhere, even if their environment may be different. It gives you a chance to truly laugh at yourself as a human being and appreciate cultural differences.

Before, the film, though, there was a small cocktail party to which I was sure I had bought a ticket to. (I have an Industry Pass and can basically go into anything) However my name was not on the list and I was confused and after some back and forth I was let it. I was surely the younguest one in the room. This proved to be quite a good thing, as most of them were older better established induistry folk with whom I got to schmooz. I met some good people and, after following up in the Post Screening Gala, I had a couple of requests for my promo.

Today I have only seen one film so far, Darwin's Nightmare. Did not like it at all! Ok, documentaries are often about the less cheery things in life, but this one seemed to be a sob story for sob stories' sake. If you WANT to find a sad story you can find one anywhere. Just my opinion.

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