Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Go! Indie Go Go

For those of you who do not know what Indie GoGo is, it is a fundraising website where I post a project and an intended goal to be reached, and all of my avid fans and supporters put in their two cents, or five bucks or one hundred as a pledge. If the pledges get to add up to my goal or more, you are charged the amount you promised and I get the money! If I do not reach my goal, you are charged nothing and I get nothing.

This is Step One of a short term, grassroots fundraising effort on my part to get $5000 dollars!

Why do I need $5000? No, I am not going on a vacation to Tahiti or buying a whole new wardrobe. I actually find myself in a crucial moment in my documentary!

After meeting a good number of broadcasters, sales agents, distributors and commissioning editors at the HotDocs Film Festival 2010 in Toronto, I have lots of request to see a rough cut of The View From Bellas Luces! This is fantastic news!!! There was so much interest and the concept was so well received!

The only problem is that I do not yet have a rough cut. I hardly have an assembly.

This much interest though, really lit a fire under my editor Alan's and my butt to get this show back on the road. Alan is great and is loyal and has agreed to work or some time on deferred payment, but unfortunately he also has to pay rent and feed himself and cannot put in a bunch of time for free. And I cannot wait for grants to pour in, as I will lose momentum.

$5000 will get Alan through to a rough cut without me having to worry about another paying job coming his way. I need this quick so that all these big shot industry peeps get the material while it is still hot on their mind. Six months from now they will not even remember who I am.

Every little bit helps. It does, really!

$5? That's five bucks for Alan I didn't have before.

So please please please wake up the philanthropist inside of you and go to

Help me pay Alan and help me not miss this huge opportunity!!!!!

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