Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Filmmaking as a desert

So I recently repicked up the book The Fundraising Houseparty by Morrie Warshawski. I read it about two years ago, when I was just starting to take my doc out of the class room and make it a feature. I went to DCTV for a little seminar and tried to pass around my first rough version of a prospectus. I am sure I seemed like an adorable little dreamer unaware of the harsh desert adventure that filmmaking can be. In a way that was true

And now I am stuck in the middle of that desert. I keep telling myself I will hold out and climb just one more dry sandy dune to see if I find water on the other side. I usually dont and , to keep the metaphor going, there is only so much I can keep licking the bottom of my canteen for water. I am looking for a lake and I can't even come up with enough water to fill my canteen right now.

Still, I will climb just a couple more dunes, hang in there with my bare minimum. Who knows, maybe I will find the oasis I am looking for. Between you and me, I think I might.

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