Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yay, Adventurous Stranger has the beginning of a logo. My brother, who has been working on this, finally sent me the first draft of the logo:I must say, a very good start. I said I wanted something that was mysterious but somewhat magical and had a boy and a bell. As you can see, the bell is missing. So i sent him a very very rough version of an alternative:

Ok, the bell corners are not supposed to be blotchy, but since I do not have photoshop or paint on my computer, I had to use an online verison of paint called Sumo.

That is as far as the logo has come so far. Jonathan, my brother, is currently getting his Masters in Graphic Design from Miami Art Institute, and also working full time at Carnival Cruises. He is busy and has not gotten back to me on the change.

It is a really minor thing, this logo. My company isn't even published in the journal publication or whatever that the New York State Office of Something requires because, up until recently, I could not afford the $1500 cost of this little technicality. But it is a small step, this logo, that makes the company more real to me, and a small step that I can take while other things have slowed down.

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