Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Website Under Way

I downloaded trial versions of Dreamweaver and photoshop. While I have used them both before, lets say I feel like I did the first time I had to cook for myself. I was in Germany, it was a communal kitchen. I knew what all the tools were, I knew how to turn on a stove, but I was slow and a bit freaked out. I had eaten good food, I knew what the final product was supposed to be and yet I managed to somehow burn raviolli. Hurray.

In a similar way I am now doing my own website. Thank goodness Joey knows photoshop and could give me some pointers, and I am getting a hang of Dreamweaver. Especially since I have DreamTemplates which I bought for Artistic Tributes.

So the promise that went out with yesterday's Newsletter that by the March newsletter I would have a new website now has to come true because both trials are only for 30 days.

Here is what I have so far:
The website Header

And a button, which i have to re-make to say "Contact Us" And not "Contacts"

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