Sunday, February 28, 2010

On The Brighter Side...

I mentioned on my newsletter that I have been invited to speak at NYU! Yes, it is to freshmen but still. I can record it and add bits here. It will also help with the whole, your blog is boring issue. 
Then, once my new website is up, I am hoping to be showcased on Down & Dirty DV, Double 7 World, hey maybe NYWIFT? I am really starting to work on just getting people to know about my film.
So again,


A little story about that:
Once upon a time my sister was sitting on a bench in the campus of Universidad Francisco Marroquin when some girl she wen
t to high school with and never spoke to anymore comes up to her and asks her if she has a little sister in NYC because she had heard of a certain Christa Boarini who was making
 movies and doing great in the Big Apple. THAT is the kind of recognition I need. :)

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