Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Websites and Exposure

Ok... so last blog entry was a little depressing. Here are a few better news

I have been asked to speak at an NYU Colloquium. While it is a conversation with the Freshmen for a class I used to fall asleep in, it is still my first public appearance and I plan to film it and put snippets of it on my website, which by then will hopefully be new and improved.

To help me with my website, I have taken on Nitzan Rotschild. He needed to know in advance that I would need his help in the future so I could be included in his schedule of projects to hand to his immigration lawyer. Happy to help, now I have an extra hand. He is going to edit together a trailer (much needed) and my reel (also much needed) so they can be posted on my new personal site.

I now own www.TheViewFromBellasLuces.com, www.ChristaBoarini.com and soon will own www.AdventurousStranger.com

I am slowly working on uploading content to ChristaBoarini.com so that it can be included in my new profile page in www.TheViewFromBellasLuces.com and both need to be featured on AdventurousStrager.com which I have not even started. Jonathan is too busy to finish my website these days and so that is one more thing i have to figure out. Fun times.

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