Monday, January 10, 2011

Friends & Family Fundraising Proposal Almost Finished

I have been working on a new website lately - no, not, although that desperately needs to be re-vamped. I have been creating an online prospectus to send to friends and family, asking for support. I did do this rather unsuccessfully with Indie GoGo, but I am trying to put a lot more effort into the presentation and followup of this new initiative.

Today I have to add a section to it that I completely forgot about and which is very very important! The "Where This Film Can Go After It Is Finished" section (working-title.) I also have to re-create the entire page in Spanish, which is a pain in the ass but I can do it.

More about that website later, which is a free website and so has a at the end of it, but whatever.

I also need a new trailer. sigh. Just thinking about that is exhausting right now. But first, my fundraising website...

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