Thursday, January 6, 2011

ITVS Open Call - Making a deadline

ITVS is a main source of funding for many tv docs. Every time I meet someone with knowhow and they inquire about my fundraising, ITVS is one of the organizations that always comes up. And, sadly, it has been an application that has slipped through my fingers every time. And it almost did again-

The deadline for this application is tomorrow. Tomorrow. And I am in the west indies where international packages are only sent out once a week and they dont do overnight and it is very expensive.

So for the last couple of days I have been putting my application together and I asked my brother Jonathan, in Miami, to print out 5 copies of the 8 page long application and send them to San Francisco! He is saving my butt.

I know, leaving this all to the last minute is very very bad. I have no excuse, and I have all these other deadlines coming up and I should have sent all of those in a while ago to avoid this time crunch. But you have to admit, January is a tough deadline- it means all of the work has to be done over the holidays!

I have also been working a lot on the next fundraising proposal, which I am going to send to friends and family. More about that soon.

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