Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Ducks In a Row

I have four a applications filled out and submitted that only the DVD of our material and some printed and signed forms sent in to be done.

My editor is currently working on the scenes and clips that will go on the DVDs to send

My brother, a graphic designer, is working on a face lift for the official website and on the graphics for a catalog-quality hard copy of our prospectus

My aunt who is a writer is helping me polish and perfect the text for the prospectus- and help me get a logline I like!

A friend of mine in Guatemala, who is also in film, is helping me track down the necessary news footage from the trial in 2008. Huge task that I cannot do without being in Guatemala.

And I am still applying, writing, sending, checking, submitting, burning, etc etc etc trying to get all my ducks in a row.

This is what I feel like:

And yet, after being scattered all over, the duckies all fall into place and keep going. Aw.

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