Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Write on Blog!

I admit it, I let this blog slip through my fingers. However, it is high time I remind everyone out there that WE ARE STILL HERE!

A lot has happened since August. Most of it will be told little by little, but the main thing is that, thanks to my mother, patricia, my editor and I have been able to progress on the edit for the first time in like 10 months! What a lull. Thus we made some dramatic changes to the cut that no one has seen anyway so you don't know what they are, but they're all good.

Also, I am trying to make sure I apply to all of the grants whose deadlines are coming up. I already submitted my application to the brand new Tribeca Documentary Fund, in association with HBO. My next grant to submit will be Women in Film Finishing Fund, which I hope to get done today or tomorrow.

Some more filming has been done, such as the much needed interview with my sister which I did Christmas day. We have a little squabble which was caught on camera. :)

I know New Year's Resolutions are usually forgotten, but this is more than a resolution, this is a personal and a career goal for me.

It feels good to be back...

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