Sunday, March 21, 2010

70lbs worth of postcards

There was panic on Friday. panic!

I was expecting all of my postcards from Overnight prints which I had to get to the Mariot on Sunday (today) in order for them to be included in the little gift bags. I find out at 730pm, after a pretty leisurely afternoon, that the boxes were delivered but for some reason, despite there being people home, no one went to get the door and the little notice they left said that they would re-deliver on Monday

Monday? No, i couldnt do Monday! I needed them NOW! So i call and get frustrated at the stupid automated voice of 1800-Ups or whatever, and finally talk to an "agent" who ultimately tells me that it cannot be re-delivered before Monday. But they would call me back.
they call me back and tell me that if I can get to their office in the Bronx before 9pm I could pick them up. SIGH

So we did, Joey and I, and got lost and only found the office in this hidden alley hidden by the High Way in the Bronx thank to his Iphone's gps. Aaand then we had to carry 70lbs worth of post cards to some corner where a Car might find us.

Then today I realized that they do not have to be in until NEXT weekend....

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