Friday, March 12, 2010

For every 9 rejections....

For every 9 rejections you get 1 positive result.. Sayings like this go around a lot in film school and in independent film because, guess what, you get rejected a lot. Their loss, right? Twenty-third one's a charm? Next time you'll get 'em!
None of them make it easier to swallow.

March 12, 2010

RE: The View From Bellas Luces

Dear Christa Boarini,

Thank you for your submission to IFP’s Documentary Independent Filmmaker Lab. We regret to inform you that your project, The View From Bellas Luces, has not been one selected.

Please be assured that all submitted projects were reviewed by the IFP Lab Screening Committee. This year we had more submissions than ever, and it was a very competitive application process, with numerous strong projects not selected. Final decisions were based on a range of criteria, including the project’s stage of completion at this time and the perceived ability for each project to benefit from the Lab.

Thank you again for your application and interest. We wish you the best of luck on your project and look forward to seeing your work in the future.


Milton Tabbot, Sr. Director, Programming, IFP

Rose Vincelli, Program Manager, IFP

Just to add to my disa
ppointment is the fact that Mr. Milton Tabbot has known about this documentary since the first time I ever publicly announced that I was taking my short film, A Return on their Sacrifice, and making it a feature that told the story of my mom's kidnapping and Maximon's involvement.
I have seen Mr. Tabbot in event after event after event during the last two years, I have emailed him about my doc, I have asked for advice. Sigh. This is third time I get turned down by an IF
p program. Better luck next time, I guess....

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