Monday, March 29, 2010

The ShowBiz Expo NYC

I had though of some witty title to call this entry, since it is going to be about the ShowBiz Expo that I was at yesterday, but I forgot it. No matter.

So basically the ShowBiz Expo was a big room/hall at the Hilton with fair-style booths that were rented out to companies and organizations that offered services for the entertainment industry. There were also rooms which had seminars you could (pay to) go to, round table discussions where you could (pay to) meet others in your profession, a "film festival" of constant screenings and a cyber lounge which no one went to because even the girl at the door looked bored and warned those curious about the lounge that it was nothing but a bunch of empty tables and two computers.
What I had was an LCD screen on a clothed- table which was looping my promo. I decked out the table with my giganto post cards and my business cards and had a box for people to drop their business cards and join my mailing list.

I give the event in general a C+. It was like a film festival without the best parts of a film festival. It was flat and lacked the excitement and buzz of other events. It was mostly would-be actors trying to get noticed by casting directors and big shot producers that dont go to events like that. But whatever, I suppose. I got something out of it.

I met some good people, I had some good conversations, I got great advice, I traded business cards and I spread the word about my doc to many many more people. So I call the event in general a success.

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  1. Hello Christa, I have gone other times and really got so much out of it. I'm a working actor rather than a "would-be". My favorite seminar wasn't there this year but you can do their web version of the seminar at Really no matter what part of the biz you are in you will benefit. Good luck w/ your doc. I learn a lot from them in building characters.