Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ok, So, what else can I apply to?

Ok, I didnt get into Tribeca All Access.
*breath in... breath out*

Thats ok. It was the first year I applied and everyone is poor this year so more people are applying for grants instead of looking for investors.

But there are other things to apply to and other funds to seek:

Latino public Broadcasting Open Call: deadline is June 1st- perfect!

Cinergia- I didnt apply at the end of '08 because my family was going to trial and life was too hectic. Applications for this opened three days ago and go through July 16.

McArthur Foundation?

Sundance Documentary Grant is unfortuanatly closed for the Spring. :( deadline was Feb 9, which I could have made but lamenting wont help. They will open up applications again in June or July and I will apply then.

From The Heart
(question mark?)

more later

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  1. McArthur Foundation sponsors my master´s program, apply and we can be sponsored by the same group!

    because that is a reason to apply, yet another link to me!