Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh to appear less broke than I am...

If you are an indie filmmaker, more than likely you are struggling financially. It happens. But, you still have to put your best and most professional foot forward and not look like a disheveled mess when meeting people who might be able to help you along the way. Unless, of course they are trusted mentors or something but thats not what I mean.

After the Expo there was the VIP party in some chic Soho club. I had already bought my ticket to go. But then as I was wrapping up I heard rumors that there was a dress code at the party and freaked out. Id been working all day, I was in jeans and a buttons shirt and to make matters worse, I was wearing my Mary Jane MBT's with the girliest socks. Not so chic.

So, while wheeling my little suitcase full of left over display items, I pass a Body Shop store. And I realize they sell make up. Aha!
I go in and I want to at least freshen up my face, as that mornings makeup was gone or smeared. So i go in pretending to be interested in an item I already own (shimmery green eyeshadow) and ask if I can test it out. Got a whole make-over out of it! I even used their hair products to tame my messy unbrushed hair. I left in great terms with the girl who works there, claiming to be more interested in the purple than the green eyeshadow, but they were out of it, so I would try again another day.
I took off my girlie socks and went to the party. party was great and I doubt anyone would have really noticed if I was wearing socks or not but you never know. And better yet, I felt better and more confident knowing that I had freshend up a little before arriving.

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