Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am watching you...

I love looking at this graph. This is the graph that one of my traffic tracking websites gives me to show me the traffic for my blog. I mean, it is modest traffic and considering most people get their updates on facebook, I am not surprised the numbers there are low and the numbers for my website show traffic is higher too.

But these are they ways I see how many of you out there see all this stuff. In the past few weeks that I have really been making a push on Facebook and in person there has been a lot of activity. It is amazing to me to see the whole social networking thing really take off!

I use but I also recently discovered Google Analytics and thats very good and intuative. And of course, Constant Contact for the email newslblast that tells me who opened it when and how many times and who opted out etc.

So while it is creepy in a way that I can see who opened my emails and how many people went to my site, it is always flattering to see the numbers increase and it warms my heart to see people spreading the word.

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