Monday, March 29, 2010

Indie Film Boot Camp


phew what a weekend! After a week of working hard to make sure everything went smoothly for the events, the weekend started of on Saturday with Indie Film Bootcamp.

Sure, I was working and therefore getting paid for being there and helping, but it was quite the valuable seminar and I would have gladly paid to see it!

I think most valuable for me was to see Pete Chatmon's business plan and fund raising strategies for his movie Premium. Pete also put out some flyers advertising his services as a consultant for production and charges like $150 an hour. I am hoping to be able to take him out for coffee and pick his brain for free.

I really do want to start putting together that business plan. I started researching the success of similar documentaries, such as Manda Bala, but I stopped first of all because I need to watch more documentaries that are similar, and also because it was depressing how little money they made.

I was looking for documentaries that also dealt with Latin American topics but are not pro activism. For example Crude is a great documentary that got a lot of praise, but it also is all about "oil is bad" and people want to watch that.

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